The Intercalary Moon of the calendar is included before the Winter or the Summer Solstice as a time collected by the Druid astronomers for the people in order that their calendar may balance the lunar and solar cycles. Every two and one half years, in order to justify the difference between the 365 days of the solar year and the 355 days of the lunar year, the Druids add an intercalary moon alternately before each solstice. The nights of the Intercalary Moon represent, in their respective order, each moon throughout the year. In a sense, it is a bringing together of lunar time to balance solar power.

              Ogmios, the Gaulish cognate of the Irish Ogma and the British Omia, is the god of eloquence, poetry, literature and learning. Moreover, because of the similarity of his name to the other Gaulish months of the calendar and his identification as a solar deity leading others into wisdom and unity, he is chosen to represent the Intercalary Moon. He is the son of ancient wisdom that balances solar and lunar time by enticing lunar deities, captured and chained by gold and amber strands to his tongue, to follow his leadership. Keeping the moon faces behind him tied lavishly to his own being, his strength and shining heroics remind us that he is descended from the Sol Invictus or Solar Wheel of the Indo-European divinities.

             In Scots-Gaelic, Ogmios means "young month." And indeed, as a young god, Ogmios is all-powerful. On the coins of the Armorican tribes of ancient Gaul, an Ogmios figure is depicted with radiant curls for hair as rays of the sun. Accompanied by the lyre and the boar, both symbols of the year, from his mouth emanate beaded strands with small heads or moons attached. As a translator of ancient wisdom, Ogma of the Tuatha De Danaan of Ireland is the inventor of Ogham, the sacred script of the Druids. He rules from the Sidhe mound of Airceltrai as a champion druid and warrior like his successors, Cu Chulainn and Bran, inventors of their own Ogham.

              Perhaps, his most important role, and his most spiritual role is one similar to Hermes in Greek mythology, that of a transgressor of souls and path-maker to the goddesses and gods. Ogmios guides us to higher knowledge by representing time beyond the year. His moon is a time to contemplate the genius of bringing together lunar and solar energy to transcend our yearly cycle into the spirals of the precession through the stars, the moon and sun as they move toward eternity.